You know the feeling. You tried every diet. It works for a while and then the fat inevitably comes back on and more! You followed everything the other guys said, but one thing leads to the another and any results you did get seem to disappear until finally you give up.

It's called "Diet Fatigue" and many suffer from it without ever learning the simple truths.

I guess it's no surprise. The weight loss industry is $64 Billion dollar a year industry and the profits are insane!. 
If the public started finding out how simple it is to "retrain" yourr fat cells and permanently reset your bodyweight lower, these profits would also melt away.

But that's not my problem. Neither is it yours. 

I'd rather have a clear conscience, help as many people as I can and sleep like a baby at night.

So if you're willing to give me 145 seconds, I'll show you how you can finally solve your fat issue, once and for all.

But before we get too deep, have a look at these pictures. These are not paid models. These are everyday regular folks just like you and me.
They are also just a fraction of the countless people we've helped over the years. (Yes they are all our Sudbury students)

Don't ever let anything discourage you from your dreams.
Just make sure you're using the right tools and INFORMATION!

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10 "Fat Melting" Bombs now available 

Are You Living Life on YOUR Terms?
                                                     Is this you?

Do you hate shopping for clothes? 
Nothing fits. You stand in the fitting room totally discouraged and embarrassed. It didn’t use to be that way… you think “how did I sink this low”? 

Do you hate wearing a bathing suit or worse, being seen naked?
Do you cringe when your lover puts their arms around you and you know they can feel all the “rolls”… 

​Are you avoiding more and more social events? 
Do you find yourself avoiding the vary same events you used to look forward to? Now it's all about saving face!

Tired of feeling “weighed down”, depressed and watching life going by?  Worse, now your starting to feel old!

You've suffered long enough!
If this is you, 
If you just don’t feel comfortable in your own skin anymore,
If you want your confidence and your life back, or just want that feeling of being ALIVE and HAPPY again, 
then you’re at the right place – at the right time!

Summer is just around the corner.

Will you feel Happy & Confident or Embarrassed? 

​         Will you finally feel comfortable in your own skin?

In order for fat to melt away in time for this summer, the process needs to be:

-Proven without any doubt (We just proved it again last month with our CRUSH program)
-Duplicable by everyone (Specially the average everyday person)
-Leave you feeling amazing, unstoppable, and confident.  

Bottom line, a good weight loss program should leave you feeling young again, no longer depressed.
Like you can take on the world again! 

Using a combination of:      
                                            - Kick ass workouts (a.k.a. beating the crap out of a heavy bag!) TRX
                                            - Amazing meal plans, special recipes 
                                            - A proven blueprint to follow, a "map" that shows you step by step how to retrain your fat cells
                                            - Constant support, we'll help you get to where you want and where you deserve to be. 
                                            - A progress tracking system
                                            - Daily and weekly motivation to keep the fire alive and burning HOT

          But there's a catch
                          and I'm not kidding, 

​* * * Warning * * * 
​As I mentioned earlier, this is not one of our typical WLC. We have had great success in the past and we endeavor to keep it that way. With this new PREMIUM wlc program, we aim to significantly "raise the bar" in terms of weight loss results. Unfortunately - we can't allow just anyone into this program and risk messing all that up! Unlike our past Weight Loss Challenges, this Premium challenge requires you to apply to participate. This allows us to filter out the tire-kickers, time-wasters and half-committed folks and leave us with the true, dedicated and serious ones. In turn we can devote more time helping one-on-one and "individualising" or "fine-tuning" things to better accommodate for better results.
Drop the Extra Weight That's Holding You Down & Step Into the Life YOU Really Want...using a proven, fail safe system!
Melissa McLeod, $1500 Grand Prize Winner, Lost 53.2 lbs in 12 weeks
"I just wanted to take a minute to let people know what an amazing place family kickboxing is! Like many others I joined because I was tired of struggling with my weight. For years I've told myself it's fine, this is you. I was overweight, exhausted and inactive. Until a friend of mine shared the link to family kickboxing's 12 week weight loss challenge. I took a look and figured what have I got to lose, this could work for me! So I signed up, and said goodbye to 53.7lbs. 
The coaches at this facility are amazing, they are so motivational and supportive! I also appreciate their no BS attitude, they make you accountable for your actions! You get back what you put in!!
A huge thank you to everyone. I'm standing here over 50lbs lighter! Thank you Family Kickboxing you are truly amazing!!"
John Fitzpatrick, Lost 110 Pounds In 7 Months!
 Also completely eradicating his diabetes. (Dr. has taken him off all medications)

"What motivated me the most was noticing that the before and after pictures all over the walls and website are NOT models or paid actors, they are real people, and I see them in the classes."
Chantal Paquette, Lost 40 Pounds
“I came to the Transformation Center/Family Kickboxing looking for first hand assistance in reaching my weight loss goals. I had tried a variety of fad "diets" and a variety of different styles of exercise such as going to the gym, Zumba etc. I could not imagine at the time how much I would truly enjoy the training...but I do! Kickboxing is fun and the results speak for themselves. I managed to lose 30lbs of excess weight and my body is transforming into a more fit, leaner and healthier me. The coaches and club members are all welcoming and great to be around. I'm feeling so great and I always look forward to going to the club. What more could you ask for? Family Kickboxing is the place for me."

Christian Howald, Lost 70 Pounds In 12 Weeks
"12 weeks, 245 000 calories burnt and 70 pounds dropped. That's not weight loss, that weight annihilation. Need I say more about Family Kickboxing?!?"

Shawn Skinner lost 80.3 pounds in 12 weeks!
That's an incredible feat on it's own, but I want to explain something to you guys...
Shawn works 2 jobs, often from sun up to sun down, can only make it to class once or twice a week, sometimes not at all, and has been overweight his whole life. Yet he made up his mind that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and he committed 100%, followed the program to the letter, and crushed our record!
It doesn't matter what your situation is, we're all busy, we all have temptations (I should add, one of his jobs has him around junk food non-stop!), we all can't get to the club every day, we all have many valid and true reasons as to why we can't lose weight, but none of them are good reasons. NOTHING is more important than your health. And when I was chatting with Shawn yesterday after I announced the winner, I could see that he had that mental shift, the place where his health comes first and nothing's going to stop him.
In fact, he's already nearing 100 pounds lost!! Just because the current challenge ended, doesn't mean his diet did! 

Ron Leclair, Lost 120 Pounds In 6 Months 
(74 of those 120 pounds was during the 12 week challenge!)
"This morning I stepped on the scale and found that I surpassed my 100 pounds lost goal. I have lost 100.5 lbs to date. To put that into perspective have you ever carried two 50lb bags of potatoes?? On Easter Sunday I went down to the Family Kickboxing Center for a weigh-in to start a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Oh boy, did I not know what was going to happen to me after that. 
This place has changed my life forever and there is no looking back. Money can't buy the results you get from Family Kickboxing."
Your Going To Have A Blast
Over the past 13 years here at Family Kickboxing, we've never met anyone, from a small child to a fiery grandma, who doesn't laugh, smile and feel empowered when they're beating the crap out of a heavy bag.
In fact, we regularly get told that the class just "flew by" or that students are having so much fun they didn't even realize they were working out. 
You're Going To Lose Fat Faster and Easier than You Ever Thought Possible​
Most clients that come to us have tried just about everything. From pills to shakes to secret fixes, there's a new magic solution that comes out every day. The funny thing, most - if not all - don't work, and don't last. 
You're Going To Tone Up and Add Shape to Your Body
Especially after weight loss, adding a touch of muscle and tone to your body gives you that athletic look, the "damn, you look good!" reaction from others when you walk into a room. From toned arms to a sculpted back to a firm butt and tight legs, adding a level of tone does the body good. 
You're Going To Cut the Stress, lose the depression and Start Feeling ALIVE Again 
For many, one of the biggest "take a way's"from these challenges is the renewed sense of vitality, energy and relief from daily stresses that tend to pile up day after day weighing us down and stealing our energy,passion and purpose in life. 
In a nutshell, here's what you can expect out of this 
PREMIUM weight loss challenge
The question is, which of these fat problems apply to you?
And how many would you like fixed for this summer?
Give me 8 weeks and I’ll give you a body that will turn heads when you walk in a room!

All New Premium Weight Loss Challenge

       *** CRAZY IMPORTANT! *** 

Fact: 98% of dieters regain all the fat lost and then some!
Do you know why the other 2% don’t?

It’s all about “retraining” your fat cells so they stop holding on to every calorie you eat!
The latest research clearly shows how easy this is and how it can be done in a surprisingly short time.

The result is a slim healthy body WITHOUT dieting. (without calorie restriction)

No more starvation. No more cravings. No more watching it all come back on!
In one of our 3 newest reports “How To Retrain Your Fat Cells” we show you how to do this step by step. 
We provides you with a blueprint, a map to follow so you don't get lost in all the conflicting information out there. 

No more trial and error. No more frustration! This information alone is worth well over $600 and for some it's absolutely priceless.

Put another way, this information is worth about 15 years of frustrating failed diet after diet.
​(This is why we are screening for the serious folks ONLY.) 

Our last 2 WLC had 87 and 103 participants!!  
This one is limited to only 30!!!

This PREMIUM program will now allow everyone a chance to finally succeed once and for all.

Only by combining all the latest research do you get the synergistic and powerful effect it takes to retrain your fat cells.

For those accepted in this program, the next 8 weeks will see lead the way to a complete body / mind transformation.
*** Remember… There is no dieting (calorie restrictions) ***

You’ve tried that many times before… How’d that workout in the long term?

No, we are talking about the latest cutting edge research and it clearly shows that calorie restricting has never and will never work.

It's Time For PREMIUM Results

5 Myths That Are Destroying Your Weight Loss Goals                                     
The first of these 5 reports is the “5 Myths That Are Destroying Your Weight Loss Goals”. I’ll be quite honest with you… There’s a TON of really crappy health advice out there. Heck, I’ve heard folks who couldn’t tell a fruit from a vegetable give out nutritional advice. Unfortunately, some of that advice is keeping you fat. In this report, we want to set the record straight and crush the myths that are keeping you from losing weight. 

Food Cravings: 4 Ways to Stop Them Dead Every Time
The second of five is on food cravings. Let me ask you something, have you ever stuck to your diet all day long only to come home and eat everything in sight? Even if we get you on the right track, if you haven’t learned the tools to easily control your cravings you’re going to lose – or be in for a very long haul. Don’t be a victim to your cravings, learn how to stop them dead EVERY TIME.

Resetting Your Weight “Set Point”
Have you ever lost weight, only to put it back on? Ever notice that our bodies tend to fight us, no matter what we do, to bring our weight back to about the same it’s always been? Truth is, over time your body and mind have been programmed to fight you to bring your weight back to that “Set Point” and in this third report, we’re going to show you how to reset it so you ARE IN CONTROL. 

Your Subconscious Mind: Your Weight Loss Ticket Is Already Paid For
Have you been struggling with weight loss? Struggling with self-destructive behaviours? In this report, the 4th of five included reports, we’re going to teach you how to program your subconscious mind to do the “Heavy lifting” for you! 

Weight Loss Prison: 3 Keys Guaranteed to Unlock Your Prison
If you’ve tried and failed, or tried and tried and tried, to lose weight, you might be starting to feel like you are “meant to be fat” or that you simple CAN’T lose weight. The truth is, there’s a very good chance that there are a few simple things that you are doing – unintentionally – that are keeping you stuck, keeping you in prison. In the last of the five included reports, we’ll teach you the KEY that will set you FREE. 

                       Now for the 3 newest additions, 
 all based on the latest cutting edge research to date

10 Fat "Melting" Bombs
10 ways to trick your body in losing stubborn fat  that all the pro's know but keep quiet.

How To Quickly Retrain Your Fat Cells
This is by far our most important report. 
Without it, losing fat successfully and permanently is a never ending struggle 
guaranteeing a lifelong "Yo-Yoing" and frustrating experience.
As mentioned farther above, this information alone is worth $600 and 15 years worth of failed dieting.

3 Beliefs that Costs You Big Time
There's no way around it, our beliefs create our reality.
These 3 put your weight loss efforts in a "straight jacket" every time.
And Now, The Special Reports

Listen, I want this to be your LAST weight loss program you EVER need to participate in? 

Many people participate in all types of programs and diets, trying a new one out every second week with little to no success and keep scratching their heads wondering what in the world is going on! Well, the truth (what others won’t tell you!) is that there are very specific things that go on, or need to be done, to get the weight off – and keep it off. 

Individually, these reports run at $37 each. 
But to guarantee your weight loss success we've included them in this PREMIUM program. 
Bonus Programs

Typically, in terms of exercise, Kickboxing is all that is offered in these programs. But like I said earlier, this is all new and improved, and the best one yet! 

We understand that weight loss is vital, but throw in some resistance training and you’ll not only lose the weight even FASTER (YES, resistance training is KEY to rapid fat loss), but you’ll sculpt a body you can be proud of. Gone are the days of weight loss leaving you with excess skin that makes you want to hide just as much. When paired with consistent resistance training, you’ll sculpt the body, increase strength and tighten everything up all at the same time leaving you with a body that turns heads everywhere you go. 

To achieve this “damn, you look good!” body tone, 
we’ve included two of our popular resistance training classes: 
Beast Mode and TRX (Suspension Training) (50%discount off TRX)

I won’t go into too much detail, but Beast Mode is a resistance training class that runs in the mornings, Monday to Thursday at 6am and is designed to sculpt give your body a head start towards your goals and keep you feeling powerful and accomplished throughout the day. 

The TRX class is a resistance training class that utilizes the suspension training method (straps from the ceiling) that allow you to use your own body weight as resistance, eliminating the constant changing of dumbbells. 
Challenge Starts Sunday, April 23rd

Prizes Prizes Prizes

At the end of the day, our successful track record for proven weight loss is what really matters, but we can’t help but get excited when we win prizes! 

The GRAND PRIZE for the individual who loses the highest percentage of weight (Yes, we use percentages to keep everything fair :) is $1000 of cold, hard cash. Talk about motivation! What would you do with an extra thousand bucks right before the summer, and rocking a new body?! 

The second place prize is a 3-month Kickboxing Membership valued at $273

The third place prize is a 2-month Kickboxing Membership, valued at $199

The fourth place prize is a 1-month Kickboxing Membership, valued at $99

Of course, at the end of the day, we're all winners. 
Q: When does it begin, end and for how long? 
A: The challenge starts Sunday, April 23rd and runs for 8 weeks, ending on Sunday, June 18th

Q: How do the weigh-ins work?
A: We will be hosting "Initial Weigh Ins" on Sunday, April 23rd  from 8 to 10am at the Family Kickboxing Studio on Notre Dame. No, attendance is NOT mandatory, but this gives you the longest possible time in the challenge. Drop in, weigh-in and head out to enjoy your weekend, it literally takes 3 minutes. If you can't make this initial weigh-in, you can weigh in anytime after that date during regular business hours.

Q: What type of workouts do you offer or are included? 
A: Contestants will have full access to all the regular Kickboxing classes (Beginner classes, Intermediate classes, Cardio classes, High Intensity, etc.) There are classes 6 days a week for all levels from the first time beginner to the seasoned pro. You can view the most current copy of the schedule by clicking here:
In addition, we've included a 50% discount off our popular TRX class as well as full access to the Beast Mode program. 

Q: What if I have no experience/have never done this before?
A: That's the whole point! Over the past decade, we've build a large base of regular attending clients - this is specifically designed NOT to include them. This weight loss challenge is for brand new folks, people with zero experience who are looking to try something new, something fun, something safe yet highly effective. Nearly EVERY person who comes to us and joins this challenge is brand NEW.

Q: How are the results measured? 
A: In order to keep things fair, all results are measured in percentages. This allows men and women to compete, all with varying weights, in a fair way. In the past 14 events, we've had 7 women win, and 6 men.

Q: Is my weight kept secret? 
A: Absolutely, weigh ins are private and only the percentage lost is shared, never the actual number on the scale. 

Q: Is weight the only thing tracked? 
A: There will be opportunities to participate in full body measurements as well as fitness assessments. We understand that the scale is "just a number", and MANY participants achieve astonishing results without focusing on the scale, for the sake of the challenge it gives us something tangible to measure.

Q: What if I am already a Family Kickboxing Member?
A: Although this challenge is designed for non-members, new folks, those with no experience yet looking to lose weight, members can participate and even put their memberships on hold. 

Q: Will I get a meal plan? 
A:YES! You will be provided with a complete 8 week meal plan, as well as a 20 page manual explaining exactly WHY the meal plan is designed the way it is, what happens to the food you ingest, why we gain weight, etc. Our motto has always been the same, we want this to be the LAST weight loss program you ever have to participate in! We believe in teaching you to fish, not just giving you fish, and for that matter we take special care in explaining everything you are doing to you.  

Q: What if I can't attend the workouts? 
A: Not a problem at all. We encourage all forms of fitness. We've actually had a winner in the past workout primarily on their own and still win. 

Q: Why is it only $299 for 8 weeks? 
A: We run these weight loss challenges as a way for us to reach out into our community and touch more lives. These challenges are NOT money makers. In fact, they often lose money! Our regular 6 week weight loss programs run at $335! Yes, $335 for only 6 weeks! Yet this challenge is only 299 bucks for 8 weeks! Why? Because it's our way of giving back to our community, to Sudbury, for giving us 14 years of success. 

Despite having reached tens of thousands of lives (and that's no typo) and having an incredible track record backed by countless success stories and before/after pictures - there are still MANY folks out there who are overweight, unhappy with their body, unhealthy and looking for a change. These challenges are often the "kick in the butt" people are looking for to take charge of their bodies once and for all.

Q: Do I need anything to participate in the Kickboxing Classes?
A: Yes. If you do not already own a pair of kickboxing gloves, you will need some :) Keep in mind that this is NOT mandatory if you are not participating in the workouts provided by us. If you are, gloves ($35 and up),hand wraps ($14) and a club t-shirt ($20) is required
* * * PLEASE HELP * * *

​Every year we get bombarded with hundreds of phone calls and emails asking many of the exact same questions that are listed below. We're pro's at creating lasting change in people, and want to spend 99% of our time doing THAT, and NOT answering the same questions over and over. We appreciate your help and patience. 
"You know when you really want to let people know what something means to you and how it has impacted your life in a way that you can only hope to describe well enough so that people truly understand. Describing Family kickboxing is one of those things. This club has altered so many peoples lives in such a positive way, with mine being one of them.

  I remember walking into the club for the first time and thinking yup this is going to last about a week (if I make it that long), it’s just another thing I am going to try and get no where with. Well that was a year ago and over 150 classes later and well I keep saying that I couldn’t love it anymore if I tried ~ that is until we do something new and I love it even more!!

  The club becomes part of you and you become part of it. The people are amazing, the coaches are fantastic and well the owner I don’t have a word to describe him. Al always tells us that it is all us we are in this ourselves, it has nothing to do with him. What he does not realize or just doesn’t tell us is that we are not on our own by any means. Yes you yourself have to put in the work and come to class and change your lifestyle but by no means are you alone in it.  

Al is the first one there to high five you as you reach a goal and the first one there (as I have always said) to leave his footprint on your butt. But it’s not only Al it’s the other coaches who are there supporting you and encouraging you and doing happy dances with you. And it’s not only the coaches it’s the members too the “family” who is there with you.  

I need to share 2 stories to truly make you understand what this place is all about. When I started I of course had to buy the uniform to wear which was great until I went to buy the pants and was told by Al I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think I have pants that will fit you. Now anyone that has ever had a weight issue knows exactly what I felt at that moment. Al continued by saying but that’s what you’re here for right; I smiled and agreed. Fast forward 2 months and I think I might be ready for some pants. I try them on and I get them up but if I bent down everyone was going to see what was under them. So my head went down and I thought wow this sucks!! Until someone said but think about it 2 months ago you could not even get them on. Once again I smiled and agreed. Fast forward another 2 months and here we are again ready to try on pants. Al hands me a pair and I head to the change room. I slide the pants on with ease and they are actually baggy. I came flying out of the change room with tears in my eyes and gave Al the biggest hug ever, people where cheering and I have never heard so many encouraging words.

 The next several classes I came too I was greeted with hugs from the coaches and kind words from everyone. It was an amazing feeling that I will remember always. The second story just happened recently when I was doing my weigh in for the Weight Loss Challenge. I of course have set goals and have been working hard to get to them. Well I reached another one and can officially say that I have not been this size since high school (16 years). There were cheers that erupted as I stepped off the scale once again with tears in my eyes and then there was the happy dance.  

The support and encouragement that Family Kickboxing gives compares to none other ~ I would not be were I am at without this amazing place and these truly incredible people. Am I done my journey? No not yet but do I know that I can do it? Absolutely because I have it in me!!! And because I know that I have everyone behind me just waiting for my eyes to fill up with tears again and to be able to do the happy dance again!!!"

Trish Pomykala
"I really had fun this year! The level of competition from everybody was way higher then last year which only made us push harder. We received great motivation from trainers and fellow peers to get our butts into gear! The classes we attended at the club were as always hard work but lots of fun. The food was delicious!! I would definitely do this challenge again :) The most : the weigh-ins at work. It was much easier not eating only till 10am then it would have been to starve myself all day till i got to the club!! :) I went all out by changing my diet as well as switching up my exercise routine only to find out I actually liked these new changes and plan on continuing to implement them into my daily "regular life." Although the scale wasn't much of my friend I did see myself going down pant sizes so i'll take that!! I decided that I like the way I feel eating healthier foods and making smarter choices for my body. (might as well, my body and i are stuck together for a long time!) So although I didn't reach my goal i'm not stopping now, i am going to continue to strive to better me inside and out! Great job once again with the challenge!! Because of this challenge lots of people lost weight and ate more healthy."

Christine Cameron 29
Challenge Starts Sunday, April 23rd
Space Is Limited
Listen, I just had a conversation with a client that I felt I needed to share. She'd been with me now for almost 4 months and has dropped from a size 18 to 12, and is still going strong. But here's the best part, the part that really made me think: She barely talked about her weight loss or the inches she's dropped. Want to know what she talked about NON-STOP? 

The fact that the other day her son spilled milk on the floor, and she was able to wipe it up without feeling awkward, off balance, uncomfortable, restricted or falling over. She kept talking about how she could go from upstairs, down three levels to the basement,grab a laundry basket and all the way back up to the top floor WITHOUT feeling drained, out of breath or even tired. 

Here's my point... YES, you're going to lose weight, YES, you're going to tone up, YES, you're going to look amazing, but at the end of the day,the absolute BEST part of this challenge is you're going to FEEL amazing.  

The things that really matter to us are what you can look forward to with this challenge. If you're stuck, if you don't like where you are, if you aren't comfortable with your body - both dressed and undressed- if you're at a point where enough is enough, then it's time to put yourself first, join the challenge and transform your life once and for all. 

You are 100% responsible for your life. 
The choice is yours.
Question Not Answered? 

We'd love to hear from you! Please make sure to double check that your answer is NOT listed above, fill in the form to the right, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Our emails can get pretty backed up, but we'll try our best to reply within 48 hours.
So How Does It All Work? 

It’s really quite simple, you join the challenge, we take care of everything else and you transform your life - all while going after awesome prizes. 

    STEP 1-  Fill out questionnaire to see if you qualify 
(Remember, unlike our last 2 WLC with 87 and 103 participants, this is a premium program and is limited to a maximum of only 30 participants) 
                    The link for the questionnaire is here >>>   

    STEP 2- If you qualified go ahead and sign up for the programme here >>>          >>                           <<

    STEP 3- Show up for the initial weight-in at the club on April 23 8:00am to 10:00am

    STEP 4- Attend the first meeting (to be announced) and learn about the 4 Pillars that guarantee your  weight loss success

    STEP 5- Make sure you receive all 5 foundational reports AND the 3 NEW cutting edge reports including the "10 Fat Melting Bombs" 

    STEP 6- Decide which one and how many bonus programs you plan on taking advantage of.

    STEP 7- Make sure you stay in constant contact with the head coach (me) so that I can tailor and personalise the program for maximum results. 

    STEP 8- Start your journey :) 

    STEP 9- Follow the 4 pillars as closely as you can, keep all "tracking" (provided) up to date

    STEP 10- Start putting using what you've learnt in this special "Goals Reaching Program" (Special program included in this premium WLC)

    STEP 11- Alert the head coach of any "speed bumps" you encounter along the way

It’s Time for Your Breakthrough
         New "NEGATIVE PUMP" resistance class
                                                      Based on the latest research that shows
                        Exactly what "shocks" the body into panic fat melt and muscle toning

This system's impressive results was just confirmed again this late March and first 3 weeks of April in our "CRUSH" program.
The results can be monitored weekly on our Facebook Page. 
The CRUSH program retails for $399 and is limited to only 4 classes per week with no reports, no goals program, no Beast Mode, No 50% discount on TRX, no Kickboxing, etc. etc.
The program was limited to only 28 and sold out in 9 days!
The benefits of CRUSH are included in this Premium Program saving you another $399!
I almost forgot about the PRIZES!